Join us in supporting Rachel Carrick’s cause & help the victims of the killer tornadoes this year

We are excited to share that Rachel is opening for LeAnn Rimes at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall this Sunday evening in “An Evening with LeAnn Rimes to Benefit Tornado Victims”. CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS!  Eclipse would also like to congratulate Rachel on her recent appearance on WJXTCLICK HERE to watch the video and enjoy some photos below.

She will be on WJXT next Saturday (June 11th)!  Be sure to turn in between 8 and 9 AM or watch it live here:

06-03-2011 015 06-03-2011 016   06-03-2011 019

06-03-2011 021 06-03-2011 022

 06-03-2011 028 06-03-2011 029 06-03-2011 030 06-03-2011 031

 06-03-2011 034 06-03-2011 035   06-03-2011 038

Click any of the links below to find out more about Rachel Carrick and her cause:

The YouTube Video of her song “Home”

RachelCarrick.Com (Or Support the tornado victims HERE)

LeeAnn Rimes producer, Jonathan Jaxson’s Blog Post about Rachel “14-Year-Old’s Dream Will Come True, When She Opens for LeAnn Rimes”


Eclipse would also like to congratulate Bob Patterson.  On May 29th, at the 59th annual Florida Folk Festival, Bob was named a recipient of the 2011 Mother Earth and Fellow Man award by the Stetson Kennedy Foundation in recognition of his distinguished career in the realm of folk culture. The award recognizes performers and composers whose lives and works have reflected their concern for the environment or human rights and traditional culture.

gamble rodgers- bob patterson-1457

(below) For the 7nth year in a row, Eclipse has provided sound for the St. Augustine Jazz Society’s annual Memorial Day concert in the plaza.  This year’s event was held on a temporary stage while the city repairs the Gazebo.

 06-03-2011 002 06-03-2011 003 06-03-2011 004 06-03-2011 005

06-03-2011 006 06-03-2011 007  06-03-2011 009  06-03-2011 011

(below) Treve Carter, Poet and Songwriter, is working on a great new project.  Follow this blog for more details.

06-03-2011 012  06-03-2011 014

(below) Pamela Grundy was in the studio working on a song for her father on Father’s Day.  Sadly, he suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.  Listen to her music and read her story at the links below:

06-03-2011 001

Reverend Dr. Marvin Johnson was in the studio working on a new project, stay tuned for updates…


(below Jim Stafford) “I’m going behind bars for good!”


A warrant has been issued for my arrest! As one of the area’s “Most Wanted.” I’ve been arrested and will be put in jail for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA).

I’m going to be “locked up” on June 16th to benefit MDA.

Don’t even bother asking what crime I’ve committed– it’s not really important. I just have to raise my bail of $3200 before the Lock-Up and they’ll go easy on me.

Click Here to help me get out of jail!


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Harmony Cornett Master Blogger for Eclipse Recording Company

Master Blogger for Eclipse Recording Company


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