A look back on the past few weeks!

The past few weeks…

Eclipse Recording studios, as always, has been keeping busy. From studio sessions to helping plan the SAMHOF we’re constantly helping old friends while still making new ones. Here are some pictures detailing what we have been up to!


Joe Bonamassa with Susan Green and Laurie Morrison


Joe Bonamassa is an American blues-rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter who has been featured on the cover of virtually every guitar magazine multiple times. He is not only the biggest names in Blues Rock, but is notoriously known for his mass collection of vintage guitars, gear, and memorabilia. Here he is posing with Susan Green and Laurie Morrison holding a guitar he signed and donated to the FOSAA (Friends of St. Augustine Amphitheater)

Crescent Beach Band

Crescent Beach Band .jpg

Here is an action shot of the Crescent Beach Band in our recording studio! Their CD’s are up for sale Here. Their 3rd album contains a pleasant mixture of Reggae, Acoustic Rock, and blues to give a nice variety.

Marquee for the SAMHOF Ceremony

Marquee for the ceremony .jpg

Just reminding all our fellow readers to come to check out the FREE St. Augustine Music Hall of Fame ceremony on December 1st. Here is a link for more information. Did we mention it was free?

Rob Peck, Don Was and Jim Stafford 

Don Was, Bob Weir and Jim .jpg

*Starting Left to Right*

Don Was is a record producer and executive producer out of Detroit, Michigan. While he’s primarily a bass player, he also is a very talented music producer. He helps with famous bands and acts in the past including John Mayer, The Rolling Stones, and Ziggy Marley. The 4-time Grammy Award recipient has had an amazing career with many accolades to follow, including Grammy Award for Producer of the Year.

Mike Hart 

Mike Hart, HOF inductee.jpg

Mike Hart is an experienced veteran in the music industry with an expressive voice and professional guitar skills. Here he is in our recording studio with Roberta Jennings. Mike is an inductee for the SAMHOF and is an active member of the local music scene.

Zan and Patty Wagstaff

Zan and Patty Wagstaff.jpg

Our very own Zan Llaneza is pictured here with Patty Wagstaff. As a pilot himself, he was very honored to meet the world-renowned pilot. Patty has is the #1 female aerobatic pilot in the WORLD and has won the US National Aerobatic Championship 3 times. One of her planes is even in the Smithsonian. To learn more about the St. Augustine Resident, click on the link here.

Rob Peck, Warren Haynes, and Jim Stafford 

Rob Peck, Warren and Jim .jpg

Here pictured with Jim is Rob Peck (Far Left) and Warren Haynes (middle).

Warren Haynes is currently on tour for the Last Waltz Tour and is pictured above when he stopped at the St. Augustine Amphitheater.

Rob Peck is a local musician who is capable of captivating an audience with his original music work and sensational cover work. Rob has been known to “Deviate from expectation, combining blues and rock and roll with Americana, classic rock, and easy listening” (visitstaugustine.com).




Here is a quick picture of some of this year’s inductees and JT from Beach 105.5

*Top Left to Right in order*

Jimmy Devito 

Rob Peck 

Clare King-Norris

Amy Hendrickson

JT Beach 105.5

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