Recently at Eclipse…

We had a great songwriter in the studio recently, Stephen Chandler.  He brought in a group of very talented musicians, listed below:

The members include:

Stephen Chandler- Keyboards, Organ

Tony King- Vocalist

Nickie King- Vocalist

Godfery Smith, Sr.- Bass

Godfery Smith, Jr.- Drums

Byron Chandler- Camera Man

08-29-2011 019

08-29-2011 020

08-29-2011 022

08-29-2011 023 08-29-2011 024

Jack Sharpless was in the studio recording yet another great tune called, “Every Night With You”

08-29-2011 026 08-29-2011 027

(below) Jim’s grandson, Seattle, at his first day of Kindergarten!

08-29-2011 028

(below) Kurt Johnston and Frankie Urzetta sharing a moment following a successful sesson for Frankie’s, soon to be released, CD

08-29-2011 029

Gabriel “The Storm” Jarrett, his family, and Mark Dobies plan out Gabriel’s next big hit

08-29-2011 030

Kiernan Mullins learning the drums from Mark Dobies

(below) Harmony, Joe Santana and Leslie Cowan working on Joe’s new demo CD

08-29-2011 032

(below) Derek Hess and Billie Bowers showing Jim how it’s done!

08-29-2011 033 08-29-2011 034

(below) Derek on the drums

08-29-2011 035 08-29-2011 036

(below) Jimmie Phillips a.k.a. “Mr. Green” came to Eclipse to have CD’s of his show duplicated, he also had us print his flyers.  Jimmie hosts the radio show, “Old City Breaks with Mr. Green”.  at

Don’t miss him every 1st, 2nd and 3rd Thursday of each month

6-8p.m. Eastern Standard Time or 11-1a.m. GMT


(check out the fliers below for more info.) (email him if you would like to participate in his show)


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