Going to Alaska…vicariously through John

(below) Great friend, songwriter and Eclipse recording artist, John Dickie, will be traveling on his motorcycle all the way to Alaska, as part of the “Alaska Bike Run”, to help raise funds and help deaf babies through SKIHI.  Get updates from his trip on his Facebook Page:  Facebook.com/people/John-Dickie-IV

John Dickie at Salmo#88EF9E

Visit the site for more info. on this wonderful charity!


John is nearing completion on his exciting CD featuring many guest artists


(below) Mark Dobies and his father came and remodeled Mark’s new office.  What a difference!


 07-15-2011 002    


 07-15-2011a 004

(below) Randy Vincett completing his gift certificate session of original songs

07-15-2011 004

Ken Beckstrom a part-time resident of St. Augustine, whose office resides in Virginia, came in to sing for us.

07-15-2011 005

(below) “Gene Jackson Road Band” working on their first CD

07-15-2011 006 07-15-2011 007 07-15-2011 008 07-15-2011 009 

07-15-2011 010

(below) Billy Odom continued work on his “Save the St. Johns” song with John and Jerry

07-15-2011 011 07-15-2011 012 07-15-2011 013

(below) Kearsten Morgen came in to sing a demo, fresh off of her exciting showcase in Dallas

07-15-2011 014

(below) Mike Levy and Jim Seguir plotting to conquer the world

07-15-2011 015

(below) Eclipse, once again, enjoyed providing sound and recording “The Company” LIVE in the Plaza

07-15-2011 016 07-15-2011 017 07-15-2011 018 07-15-2011 019 07-15-2011 020 07-15-2011 021 07-15-2011 022 07-15-2011 023

Thanks for checking out our Blog.   Have a great weekend everyone!

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