Ann Fontanella and David Pasbrig …

Jim Stafford did a live recording for Ann Fontanella and David Pasbrig at the Lake Wales Arts Center on March 4th, the fifth in a series of performances being offered at the center.

Eclipse Recording Company(above) Lake Wales Arts Center

Eclipse Recording Company(above) Ann and David

Eclipse Recording Company(above) Ann and David

Eclipse Recording Company(above) Jim Stafford and Ann Fontanella

Eclipse Recording Company(above) David Pasbrig

For more information on the show visit the link below:

(below) Jim Stafford and Inga Erickson had so much fun at the Moody Blues concert below.  They went with Richard and Brenda Wall and had such a great time, in fact, an audio engineer for Eclipse, Tom Pisani worked  the show by helping to set up the sound system.

Moody Blues by Eclipse Recording Company

(The photo above was shot by Craig Lamond- Thanks Craig!)

Kurt and Wayne Johnston (below) were in working on Wayne’s new CD of some great original songs he has written.

Eclipse Recording Company(above) Dan Bagan, Jim Stafford and Kurt Johnston

Eclipse Recording Company(above) Wayne Johnston

We had a great group of musicians in the studio making a personal cd for various family members.  You can catch this group at The Black Cloud Restaurant on US Rt. 1 South between Palm Coast and Bunnell FL. 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm. Every Tuesday Night.

Eclipse Recording Company(above) Jack Hitchborn, bass

Eclipse Recording Company(above) Jack Pierson, (who sometimes plays with Sammy Keys orchestra) on keyboards

Eclipse Recording Company(above) Kay Hitchborn, vocals

Eclipse Recording Company(above) Cynthia Pierson

Eclipse Recording Company

(above) Robert Banks, drums

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