Letter from the mayor to Jim Stafford!

letter from the mayor

Here is the Letter so that you can read it.

Dear Mr. Stafford:

On behalf of the City of St. Augustine I want to thank you for your technical assistance during the Ceremony of Remembrance held this morning in the Plaza de la Constitucion.  Without your expertise and cooperation, the event would not have meet with such success.

The City’s Department of Public Affairs has received numerous calls and emails today from those in attendance commenting on the appropriateness of the event and offering a word of thanks to the City for providing a time and a place for residents to gather.

This has most certainly been a year none of us will soon forget.  As I said at the ceremony this morning, even in all of our losses, we have gained a great deal.  We have gained a renewed pride in our country and a renewed commitment to the fundamental values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  I also know we have gained a renewed thankfulness for the simple things in life.

Again thank you for your assistance.


Mark Alexander



Jim Staffords response to this:    ” It was an honor to be asked to participate in the 1st anniversary commemorating the 9/11 events. It was a very solemn moment in time as we recognized those who sacrificed so much exactly one year, to the minute, later. As the music and speakers finished, all the church bells in town rang in unison. Very moving!”

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